Ashgrove Renovation

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Ashgrove Renovation

A new extension to a traditional Ashgrove Queenslander, to cater for a busy family of 5 offered many engaging design opportunities. A key criteria was enhancing the connection to the existing macadamia tree and providing a direct line of sight to new pool and backyard in order to keep an eye on the littlest members of the house throughout the day’s activities.

The new extension opens up the beautiful bones of this house taking full advantage of the northern orientation of the sloping site. With the clients days spent enjoying time with their children rather than tending the upkeep of the house the entire renovation was designed to be low maintenance with finishes and fitting all chosen specifically to withstand the elements and many young hands with minimal upkeep.

A new kitchen with a modern take on a traditional style including a very special copper sink becomes the centre of life in a busy house.

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