Art Deco Boutique Hotel Concept

Concept Brisbane CBD

Art Deco Boutique Hotel Concept

Our client had admired this 1940’s Art Deco landmark for many years before the opportunity presented itself to consider reporposing the building as an Art Deco hotel and transforming the building back to its former glory. Our feasibility for the project explored various scales of intervention each exhibiting a clear sensitivity to the heritage constraints of the site. Our proposal ensured the integrity of the existing building whilst providing insightful opportunities to maximise yeilds, rethink complicated carparking structures and make the most of deep floor plates not typically suited to hotel efficiencies. Interior concepts focused on stripping insensitive modern renovations in order to celebrate the exposed beauty of existing brickwork, large light filled windows and  generous floor to floor heights. The main entry vestibuke spanning the full three storeys provided a fitting entrance and celebrated landmark for the scheme.

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